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Lava lake tectonics

In the crater of Erte Ale, we can see processes that take tens of miliions of years on a global scale happening in just a few hours.
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The hydrogeology of Yellowstone: It’s all about the cold water

While the deep, geothermal water of Yellowstone is sexy and merits both the tourist and scientific attention given to it, there’s a largely untold story in the shallow groundwater, where huge volumes of cold water may advect more heat than the hydrothermal features. A paper by Gardner et al. (2010) begins to shed light on this side of the story.
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A volcanic sunset over Edinburgh

It may have grounded much of Europe’s air traffic, but at least Eyjafjallajoekull’s eruption has a pleasing aesthetic effect on the atmosphere.
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The Hydrology and Evolution of Basaltic Landscapes: Notes from GSA Sunday

My first day at the Geological Society of America conference included lots of beautiful volcano and river photos…and good wine. All in the name of basalt.
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Earth Science Week Challenge Day 5: Earthquakes, volcanoes, and disasters, oh my

One last push for geoblog readers to fund earth science projects that rattle the classroom windows.
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