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Space Policy & Advocacy Program Quarterly Report - January 2018

Planetary Society Weblog | 20 January, 2018
As a service to our members and to promote transparency, The Planetary Society's Space Policy and Advocacy team publishes quarterly reports on their activities, actions, priorities, and goals in service of their efforts to promote space science and e...
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Quote 6 – Fine Prospect That

Stories in Stone | 19 January, 2018
With all the discussions of Civil War monuments, I thought I'd write up a quick little blog about two future Civil War generals. Neither need an introduction.
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Dasydorylas derafshani & Dasydorylas zardouei: Two new species of Big-headed Flies from Iran.

Sciency Thoughts | 19 January, 2018
Big-headed Flies, Pipunculidae, are True Flies, Diptera, that gain their name from their large eyes, which cover most of their heads. Adult Big-headed flies feed on Honeydew, a sugary secretion produced by Aphids, but the larvae are parasitoids, maturing inside the bodies of other Insects (typically Crane Flies or Leafhoppers), which they consume from the inside as they grow. Because of this habit they are considered to be potentially useful biocontrol agents for Insect pest species.
Categories: Big-headed Flies; Biodiversity; Diptera; Entomology; Insects; Iran; Kermanshah Province; Middle East; Pipunculidae; Sistan-o Beluchsetan Province; Taxonomy; True Flies; Zabol County;

SDEV Phi Beta Kappa Inductees Passionate About the Environment

State of the Planet | 19 January, 2018
By Chandler Precht Today, two students from the Undergraduate Sustainable Development Program, Abigail Sharkey and Sam Goldberg, were inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. We caught up with them about their experiences in the program, dedication to environme...
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Reading the Rocks of Scotts Bluff

Saddle Rock is part mystery book! (click on image for a better view)
Categories: Nebraska geology; Scotts Bluff National Monument;

Eruptive activity on the Volcán Arrau peak of the Nevados de Chillán Volcanic Complex in Central Chile.

Sciency Thoughts | 19 January, 2018
The Observatorio Volcanológico de Los Andes del Sur of the Servicio Nacional de Geología and Minería in Chile have reported observing activity on the Volcán Arrau peak of the Nevados de Chillán Volcanic Complex. This activity was first observed on 21 December 2017, when a flight over the area observed a fissure within the central crater of the volcano. A second flight on 9 January identified a new lava dome (mound produced by the slow extrusion of viscous lava) on the site of the fissure. This was accompanied by gas and water vapour emissions and a surface temperature of about 480°C.
Categories: Andes; Chile; Geohazards; Nazca Plate; Nevados de Chillán Volcanic Complex; Peru-Chile Trench; South America; South American Plate; Subductive Plate Margin; Volcanoes; Volcán Arrau;

HiRISE: Horse playing the flute

Red Planet Report | 19 January, 2018
Horse playing the flute. Maybe you can see a horse playing a flute here, but really this is a portion of the floor of Eberswalde Crater, at one time candidate landing site for the Mars Science Laboratory.  The light-toned bedrock ... Continue readin...
Categories: Reports; Beautiful Mars; bedrock; Eberswalde Crater; eolian processes; High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment; HiRISE; lacustrine sediments; lake bed sediments; landing sites; Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter; MRO; NASA; sand; sand dunes; University of Arizona;

Breaking New Ground in Hurricane Modeling

State of the Planet | 19 January, 2018
Researchers create first model for hurricane hazard assessment that is both open source and capable of accounting for climate change....
Categories: Climate; Natural Disasters; Press Release; hurricanes; IRI; modeling; tropical cyclones;

Opportunity gets dust cleaning and passes 45 kilometers of driving

Red Planet Report | 19 January, 2018
Opportunity Status Report: Opportunity is continuing her winter exploration of "Perseverance Valley" on the west rim of Endeavour Crater. The rover has moved along the north fork of the local flow channel. However, before moving, the rover spent ...
Categories: Reports; Cape Byron; Endeavour Crater; Mars Exploration Rover; MER; NASA; Opportunity; Perseverance Valley;

Where’s the “red team”?

Open Mind | 19 January, 2018
Climate deniers, including EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, keep talking about how they want a "red team/blue team" debate about climate change. So far ... nothing. I don't expect it to happen at all. Why? Because the "red team" would actual...
Categories: Global Warming;

THEMIS: Rubble piles in Candor Chasma

Red Planet Report | 19 January, 2018
THEMIS Image of the Day, January 19, 2018. This image shows part of eastern Candor Chasma. At the top of the image is the steep cliff between the upper surface elevation and the depths of Candor Chasma. The bottom of ... Continue reading '...
Categories: Reports; Arizona State University; ASU; Candor Chasma; dunes; interior layered deposits; landslides; Mars Odyssey; mass wasting; mesas; NASA; THEMIS; THEMIS Image of the Day; Thermal Emission Imaging System; Valles Marineris" canyons;

2017 temperature summary

RealClimate | 19 January, 2018
This is a thread to discuss the surface temperature records that were all released yesterday (Jan 18). There is far too much data-vizualization on this to link to, but feel free to do so in the comments. Bottom line? It's still getting warmer.
Categories: Climate Science; Instrumental Record;

PATA Days 2018 in Thessaloniki, Greece – website now online

Paleoseismicity | 19 January, 2018
The 9th PATA Days will take place from 24-29 June in Thessaloniki, Greece. The event is organised by Spyros Pavlides and Alex Chatzipetros and supported by INQUA/TERPRO.
Categories: PATA days; active tectonics; archaeoseismology; greece; paleoseismology; pata days; tectonics;

New Tracker Keeps Tabs on Government Attacks on Science

State of the Planet | 19 January, 2018
Columbia Law School's Sabin Center for Climate Change Law and the Climate Science Legal Defense Fund have launched a new online resource to track actions by the U.S. government to silence scientists working on environmental, public health and clima...
Categories: Climate; Health; Press Release; climate change; Climate Policy; Sabin Center for Climate Change Law; science policy;

Friday fold: crumpled quartz vein from VGFC

Mountain Beltway | 19 January, 2018
Remember the Virginia Geological Field Conference from back in October?
Categories: blue ridge; folds; Friday Fold; virginia;

Back to geoscience research after a career Andrea Snelling

Working in research is brilliant but at times it can be tough. Post-doctoral work often means working on short-term contracts ranging from a couple of months to several years, with the constant shadow of where or when the next position will be. Trying to get a foot in in the first place can be extremely hard and finding a permanent position can feel like an impossible goal. There is always so much competition and it often feels as if you are on the back foot and of course there is the perpetual voice of doubt of "when will I be found out?"
Categories: Andrea Snelling; career break; Centre for Environmental Geochemistry; George Swann; Melanie Leng; palaeoclimate; Stable Isotope Facility; STEM; University of Nottingham;

Seebergsee, Hamlet and the monkey

In my previous post, I showed that the calibration-in-time reconstruction from Seebergsee by Larocque-Tobler et al (2011) had not been cross-validated, and that once it have been cross-validated, the performance was terrible.
Categories: Peer reviewed literature; transfer function; chironomids; Larocque-Tobler et al (2011);

Curiosity update: It’s all about the details

Red Planet Report | 19 January, 2018
Sol 1938-39, January 18, 2017, update by MSL scientist Lauren Edgar: Today's two-sol plan will wrap up activities at Vera Rubin Ridge location "e." When we assessed the downlink data this morning, we were excited to see that ChemCam did ... Con...
Categories: Reports; Aeolis Mons; Curiosity; Funzie; Gale Crater; Location e; Mars Science Laboratory; Mount Sharp; MSL; Murray Formation; NASA; Region e; Rona; Stop E; Vera Rubin Ridge;

Sols 1938-1939: It’s all about the details

The Martian Chronicles | 19 January, 2018
Today's two-sol plan will wrap up activities at Vera Rubin Ridge location 'e.' When we assessed the downlink data this morning, we were excited to see that ChemCam did a great job with some very precise pointing in the previous plan. At locati...
Categories: Field Work; Mission Update; ChemCam; Curiosity; featured; mars; NASA; Navcam; pretty pictures; USGS; Vera Rubin;

Swedish tourist killed by avalanche in Jammu and Kashmir, India.

Sciency Thoughts | 18 January, 2018
A Swedish tourist has died after being caught in an avalanche on Mount Apharwat near Gulmarg in the Baramulla District of Jammu and Kashmir, India, on Thursday 18 January 2018. The skier is understood to have been one of two Swedish men caught in the event, the other of whom was rescued alive. 
Categories: Avalanche; Baramulla District; Himalayas; India; Jammu and Kashmir; Mount Apharwat; South Asia;

Improving Tropical Cyclone Risk Assessment

State of the Planet | 18 January, 2018
Chia-Ying Lee, a scientist at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society, studies the structure and intensity evolution of tropical cyclones and how these are influenced by climate change....
Categories: Climate; Earth Sciences; Natural Disasters; center for climate and life; extreme weather; hurricanes; International Research Institute for Climate and Society; tropical cyclones;

2017 Was Another Year of Amazing Heat. It’s not Natural, and It IS the Greenhouse Gases

NASA and NOAA both announced their global temperature results for 2017 today. NASA says it was the second warmest year on record and NOAA which does the analysis slightly differently came up with the 3rd hottest. Interestingly, if you remove the impa...
Categories: Uncategorized; Climate Change; featured; NASA; NOAA; Science;

A Hymn for Architecture that is Good for People and Neighborhoods, not Just Buildings

The Nature of Cities | 18 January, 2018
A review of Design for Good: A New Era of Architecture for Everyone by John Cary. 2017. 275 pages. ISBN 13: 978-1-61091-793-3 / ISBN 10: 1-61091-793-6. Island Press, Washington. Buy the book. We live in a consumer's world. Fed by products every second of our lives, urged to ponder, deliberate, and eventually consume that which is being sold to us. ... Continue reading A Hymn for Architecture that is Good for People and Neighborhoods, not Just Buildings '
Categories: People & Communities; Place & Design; Review; Africa; Architecture; Awareness; Communities; Design; Development; Education/Knowledge/Learning; Livability; Planning; Tools;

Opportunity: Going north across Perseverance Valley

Red Planet Report | 18 January, 2018
Sol 4970, January 16, 2018. The rover's Navcam looked back over its recent track on the slope of Perseverance Valley, and shot a composite that shows valley outcrops and even a bit of the next rim segment to the south ... Continue reading '...
Categories: Reports; Cape Byron; Endeavour Crater; Mars Exploration Rover; MER; NASA; Opportunity; Perseverance Valley;

Planetary Society CEO Bill Nye to Attend the State of the Union Address

Planetary Society Weblog | 18 January, 2018
When a congressman and current nominee for NASA Administrator asks you to be his guest at the state of the union address in Washington, D.C., how do you respond? For us, the answer was easy. Yes, Bill would be there....
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