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Fallen trees

Oakland Geology | 30 May, 2016
Naturally, the people of a city named Oakland cherish their trees.
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A new, less doomy cover for my book

Inkstain (John Fleck) | 30 May, 2016
Striking the right tone in my about-to-appear-on-the-shelves book on Colorado River water management was tricky. The problems are serious, but I am optimistic about our ability to solve them, and in the book I try to lay out both the nature of the problems but also what the solutions can and do look like. It's not hard to find doom out there, it's in the description of the solution space that I think I have some contribution to make. So I'm pleased with the final cover design the team at Island Press has come up with:
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Peru’s Sacred Valley- Andean Culture With Some Geologic Context

Geopostings | 30 May, 2016
Most people traverse Peru's Sacred Valley quickly on their way from Cusco to Machu Picchu. But this stretch of countryside is an area well worth staying around in for awhile, both for getting to know Andean culture and understanding some of its history.
Categories: cusco; peru; peru geology; sacred valley; maras salt; moray; Ollantaytambo; pisac; urubamba; yucay;

Land subsidence maps for Arizona updated

Arizona Geology | 30 May, 2016
The Arizona Dept. of Water Resources has updated land subsidence maps for the state on ADWR's website and can be accessed from the main land subsidence webpage at this link:   
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Welcome to School of Rock 2016!

Welcome to School of Rock 2016! We blew in from several corners of the world after layovers (and rapid tours of London), delays and even a missing suitcase, ready for the week ahead on the DV...
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Tropical Depression Bonnie Makes Landfall Near Charleston, SC

The center of Tropical Depression Bonnie made landfall on the coast of South Carolina just east of Charleston at 8:30 am EDT Sunday morning. At the time, Bonnie had top winds of 35 mph. On Saturday night, Bonnie reached peak intensity with 45 mph win...
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The faux insurgency of the climate change deniers and the need for closure

Resource Insights | 29 May, 2016
Climate change deniers like to style themselves as latter-day Copernicuses and Galileos, lone visionaries bucking the established wisdom of the ages embodied back then in the teachings of the Catholic Church.
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(Repost) Adventures in ACE I: In Which Oddities Are Explored

En Tequila Es Verdad | 29 May, 2016
I recently spent an instructive few months reading Jonny Scaramanga's blog, where I learned just how screwed up Accelerated Christian Education is. Imagine a room full of young kids stuffed in study carrels ("offices," in ACE parlance), sitting silent on hard plastic chairs while they're taught truly-true Christian things from thin newsprint booklets. As they grind through their science lessons, they answer review questions such as:
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Protected: (Tier 1) Adventures in Christianist Earth Science Education: Wherein a Solar System is Born (and Badly Misunderstood)

En Tequila Es Verdad | 29 May, 2016
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Categories: Adventures in Christianist Earth Sci Ed; creationism; religion; science;

Scentimental Associations with Nature: Odor-Associative Learning and Biophilic Design

The Nature of Cities | 29 May, 2016
When you walk outside after a summer rainstorm, you know it when it hits you: that distinctly earthy, musty, yet crisp scent that flows with optimism and a desire to be in nature as you take a long, deep breath. It is the smell of rain, known as petr...
Categories: Essay; Place & Design; Science & Tools; Biophilia; Design; Experiencing Nature; Health; Tools; What is urban nature?;

Christchurch’s coastal cock up: review panel padded with climate deniers

Hot Topic | 29 May, 2016
The long running saga of the Christchurch city council's attempt to introduce new planning guidelines for suburbs threatened by flooding and sea level rise has reached a new level of absurdity. A five person panel appointed to conduct a second peer review of a key report on coastal hazards includes two high-profile climate deniers with strong links to extreme right wing climate propaganda groups. From Friday's Press:
Categories: Climate cranks; Climate politics; environment and ecology; Christchurch; de Lange; Heartland Institute; Kesten Green; sea level;

BEAM expanded and pressurized: Your news, commentary and tweet roundup

BEAM is expanded and pressurized! The International Space Station's newest module, which will serve as a technology demonstrator for in-space expandable habitats, was fully filled with air this afternoon....
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Through The Sandglass | 28 May, 2016
  This happens very, very rarely, but right now I am completely, totally, and utterly lost for words....
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cyanotype of .03 inch thick line, the average amount that waters of Captiva Island, FL are rising every ten days, from Conveyance, smudge studio 2016 We just returned from three weeks on Captiva Island, Florida as part of the Rising Waters II Confab ...
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Groundwater in the San Luis Valley – it’s not always a tragedy of the commons

Inkstain (John Fleck) | 28 May, 2016
Via High Country News, Paige Blankenbuehler revisits the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado, to see how an innovative collective effort to reduce pressure on an agricultural aquifer is faring:
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Wildlands Wildfire – Getting Ready for the Fire Season at the McCall, Idaho Smokejumper Base

Geopostings | 28 May, 2016
The McCall Smokejumper Base, in west-central Idaho, has 70 wildland firefighters on staff. McCall's Smokejumper program was established in 1943, and since then has continually providing fire management personnel to wildland fires throughout the nation. As noted on the McCall Smokejumper website:
Categories: McCall Smokejumper base; wildlands fire; wildlands firefighting; mccall smokejumper base; smokejumper;

Lower Colorado water use forecast to be lowest in two decades

Inkstain (John Fleck) | 28 May, 2016
We've had a healthy freakout over the last couple of weeks about the fact that Lake Mead, the nation's largest and iconic water supply reservoir, is (again) at its lowest point in history (meaning the lowest since they built it in the 1930s). Brad Plumer has a good summary of what's what. It's an important symbolic milestone, suggesting that we're heading into unsustainable water use territory by taking more water from the system each year than is returned by rain and snow upstream.
Categories: Colorado River; water;

TD 2 Expected to Become Tropical Storm Bonnie as it Crosses the Gulf Stream

Tropical Storm Warnings continue for the coast of South Carolina as Tropical Depression Two chugs northwest at 13 mph towards the Southeast U.S. coast. Radar imagery from Charleston, South Carolina showed heavy rains from TD 2 had reached the coast l...
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Common threads: connections among the ideas of Jane Jacobs and Elinor Ostrom, and their relevance to urban socio-ecology

The Nature of Cities | 28 May, 2016
Categories: Place & Design; RoundTable; Architecture; Design; Economics; Justice; Participation/Democracy; Planning; Policy;

Curiosity update: Coordinating with MRO

Red Planet Report | 28 May, 2016
Sol 1355-57, May 27, 2016, update from USGS scientist Ryan Anderson: Our drive went well and Curiosity is now sitting on a nice patch of the Murray formation, putting us in a good position for a very busy holiday weekend! On ... Continue reading '...
Categories: Reports; Aeolis Mons; Auchas; Curiosity; Gale Crater; Horingbaai; Inamagando; Kaisosi; Kunjas; Mars Science Laboratory; Mount Sharp; MSL; Murray Formation; NASA; Naukluft Plateau; Navachab; Stimson Formation;

Three-peat! SpaceX sticks another drone ship landing

SpaceX continued its impressive string of first stage recoveries today, sticking a Falcon 9 drone ship landing during the successful launch of THAICOM 8, a communications satellite....
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That comment that was censored from the Scholarly Kitchen

I mentioned on Twitter that I'd left a comment on the Scholarly Kitchen that had been blocked in moderation, and several people asked what the comment was.
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Tropical Storm Warnings for South Carolina as Tropical Depression Two Forms

Tropical Storm Warnings are flying for the coast of South Carolina as newly-formed Tropical Depression Two moves west-northwest at 12 mph towards the Southeast U.S. coast. An Air Force hurricane hunter aircraft found a closed circulation and top sust...
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Hurricane Outlook for 2016 and Tropical Storm Warning For South Carolina

The NOAA Hurricane forecast was released today, and it calls for a 70% chance of 10-16 named storms, which is right around the long-term average of 12 each year. The most important thing to remember with these forecasts, is that the number of storms ...
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With retry scheduled tomorrow, NASA and Bigelow say BEAM will work—it's just a question of when

NASA will try again tomorrow to expand BEAM, the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module. During a press teleconference this afternoon, officials said they were confident the module was going to expand--it's just a question of when....
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