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Snapshots of the Middle Cuyahoga River on World Water Day

View the story “Snapshots of the Middle Cuyahoga watershed on World Water Day” on Storify

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A year of Anne’s reading – looking back

For the last year, I’ve tweeted every paper I read. Inspired by Jacquelyn Gill’s resolution and hashtag #365papers, I wanted to spur myself to read more and to see how well I did. I never thought I’d read 365 papers, … Continue reading

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The case of the disappearing lake

High in the Oregon Cascades, there is a lake attracting quite a bit of attention this summer. That’s because it is disappearing. The disappearing lake, appropriately called Lost Lake, isn’t just disappearing because of the drought that Oregon has been … Continue reading

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Stuff we linked to on Twitter last week

(Actually, the last two weeks, because we got busy and didn’t post last week. But we have good excuses, as Chris had his first PhD student pass his oral exams and proceed to candidacy and Anne had two papers accepted. Even better, we’ve got twice the Twitter-y goodness for you this week.) Continue reading

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Stuff we linked to on Twitter last week

Chris is back on Twitter finding lots of neat thing and Anne couldn’t avoid a couple of big water stories this week. Plus more! Continue reading

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