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The case of the disappearing lake

High in the Oregon Cascades, there is a lake attracting quite a bit of attention this summer. That’s because it is disappearing. The disappearing lake, appropriately called Lost Lake, isn’t just disappearing because of the drought that Oregon has been … Continue reading

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An Ohio Geo-Puzzle

I had the good fortune of going out in the woods a few days ago with colleagues here at Kent State University. We were in a second growth forest, probably fairly typical for this part of northeastern Ohio. The upland … Continue reading

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Where on Google Earth #329 – Now with 100% fewer coordinates*

Where has Anne’s wandering eye taken her on Google Earth this time? Continue reading

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Scenic Saturday: the American West from above

Lets play Where On (Not Google) Earth! Continue reading

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Where on Google Earth #291

Having identified the location of the previous WoGE as the world’s tallest landslide dam, I have the honor of hosting the next go-around of this digital scavenger hunt. For those that haven’t played before, here’s a quick overview of the … Continue reading

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