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Scenic Saturday: Wood in Streams

One of our field trips in my Fluvial Processes class takes the students to the lower reaches of Mallard Creek, the urban stream that drains the northern portion of Charlotte, including our campus. For most of its length, Mallard Creek … Continue reading

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Scenic Saturday: Waterfalls need the right rocks as well as water

Earlier this year, I spent a pleasant day hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. One of the places I visited was Grotto Falls; not the world’s tallest waterfall, but rather handsome all the same. Being an unabashed geonerd, … Continue reading

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Scenic Saturday: the remnants of volcanism past

When you live in Edinburgh, you can’t ignore geology even if you were foolish enough to want to: the summit of Arthur’s Seat is visible from virtually every decent vantage point in the city. The guidebooks will tell you that … Continue reading

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Ten million feet upon the stair

During my time in Edinburgh, I lived in an apartment in a nice old tenement building: several floors of individual flats, all connected by an internal communal staircase. The building is at least a century old, and because this was … Continue reading

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The flat of the land

Just as there are many ways that a landscape can end up being pointy, there are several ways that it can end up being flat. Continue reading

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