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I will not be silent any longer about the way women and people of color in science and leadership are treated

As my daughter plays paleontologist in the next room, I’m thinking about three stories from the last few months. They are stories that illustrate why despite the progress women and minorities have made in the past few decades we still … Continue reading

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The Dam Removal Video You Have All Been Waiting For

This summer we were treated to not one but two dam removals on the Cuyahoga River, ~10 miles downstream from Kent. Those following me on twitter know that I obsessed about these removals all summer long, first as they were … Continue reading

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The intrusion of nature

This morning, I found myself mesmerised by this astounding video of an avalanche in the French Alps, courtesy of Kyle House: Avalanches de printemps An appropriate demonstration on this Earth Day of the power of our planet. But it’s also … Continue reading

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Combined sewer overflows: Solving a 19th century problem in the 21st century

Combined sewers are pipes that catch both sewage and stormwater and route it to a waste water treatment plant. In dry weather, it’s all sewage in the pipes. In small rain storms, the pipes carry sewage mixed with stormwater and … Continue reading

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Scenic Saturday: The Thames at London

When in London, I find I’m drawn to the Thames. It’s a big river, and one that is inextricably tied to the history and heart of the city through which it flows. Unlike many of the Thames’s smaller tributaries, which … Continue reading

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