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Scenic Saturday: Echoes of Mary Anning

On March 9th, 1847, the world lost a great scientist to breast cancer. She was poor, lacked formal education, and practiced a minority religion, but she had a keen eye and mind that helped see things that others couldn’t and … Continue reading

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Does Siccar Point need saving?

Don’t panic! Continue reading

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Scenic Saturday: Boulder rocks

I spent most of the last week in Boulder, Colorado at the CUAHSI Biennial Science Meeting, where I gorged myself on the latest and greatest in hydrologic science. I’m going to share more of that in the next few days, … Continue reading

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Hotspot volcanism on Hawaii: textbook vs reality

Just like an iceberg, the parts of the Hawaiian Islands that you see above the ocean surface are dwarfed in volume by the stuff below the waves. For a start, any volcano that forms in the middle of the Pacific … Continue reading

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Scenic Saturday: 101 Geo-sites

Following the lead set by Callan Bentley, the list of “101 American Geo-sites you’ve gotta see” (as published in a new book by Albert Dickas) has been circulating the geoblogosphere. While it seems a bit exclusionary to our non-USian geo-colleagues, … Continue reading

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