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Aftershocks of the Sendai earthquake

On a map of global earthquake activity, Japan rather stands out right now: a pulsing boil of seismic activity that all but drowns out the shaking in the rest of the world. As of a few hours ago (5pm Central … Continue reading

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Shaking in Christchurch boosted by seismic lensing?

Even taking into account how close the rupture point of Tuesday’s earthquake was to Christchurch, the intensity of the shaking – and the amount of damage that the city suffered as a consequence – seems to be very high for … Continue reading

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Friday Focal Mechanism: Magnitude 7.2, Western Pakistan

Why are we getting an extensional earthquake at a convergent plate boundary? Continue reading

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An avalanche at the museum

At the Chicago Museum of Science & Technology, make your own debris flows with the hypnotic Avalanche Disk. Continue reading

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Yellowstone: what lies beneath

The best evidence yet that the Yellowstone hotspot is the result of a mantle plume – one that had to burn through a subducting slab to get to the surface. Continue reading

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