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Pangaea Day, geology-style

A brief geographic trip into the late Triassic.
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Uniformitarianism in action (sort of)

Most of you correctly identified the sedimentary structures in Friday’s mystery photo: two sets of ripple marks can be seen on the left, and a lower bed on the right has what look like dessication/mud cracks, formed by the drying … Continue reading

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Do we need a new geological epoch?

Anthropocene! Naming a new geological time period after ourselves certainly has a nice dramatic ring to it, even if it smacks of the hubris that got us into our current climatic mess in the first place. But can our species, … Continue reading

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19th century geologists slandered again

Are folks at the University of Bristol intentionally trying to annoy me? In the very same week that I write about the abundant signs of old age in the rock record, they put out a press release which states: By … Continue reading

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Sorry creationists: rocks just aren’t that coy about their age

and they’re not embarrassed about being a few billion.
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