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More thoughts on illustrating geological time

What is the best way to plot the timescale? Mine, obviously…
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Timescales for all

So I’ve been playing around a bit with my mini timescale, and it is now available in two flavours, the original, but improved, right to left orientation: Download EPS version and the all-new left to right version, which I have … Continue reading

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When the hell are we?

Whenever you’re trying to talk about science to a broader audience, one of the major challenges is cutting out the jargon. Sometimes, though, the real difficulty is not so much in translating the jargon, as identifying it in the first … Continue reading

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2700 million years in one outcrop

Now this is what I call continental stablity…
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The slow death of a sedimentary basin

Time catches up with us all – even rocks…
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