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Struggle and Serendipity (or: Yay! I’m in Open Lab!)

For some reason I wasn’t exactly keeping up with my e-mail last week – or much else that wasn’t Big Geology Conference related. So, although I did take note of the e-mail containing the glad tidings that my post ‘Ten … Continue reading

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All the blogging from AGU

One thing I’ve been doing in free moments since the end of the AGU Fall Meeting is catching up on what cool science other geobloggers who attended the meeting had unearthed whilst wandering the poster hall and lecture halls. Below … Continue reading

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Scenic Halloween Saturday

As the leaves turn and colder nights draw in, let us journey to a mysterious country that holds an even more mysterious glowing orange pit. Halloween is upon us, so could we be looking on a newly-opened gateway to the … Continue reading

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Call For Posts, Accretionary Wedge #38: Back to School

‘Tis the season when professors write their syllabi and lead their first classes, when students decide whether to take that elective in geophysics or the one in hydrogeology, and when professional and armchair geologists…well, I don’t know what they do, … Continue reading

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Anne is a Strange Quark, AKA awesome science writer!

When Anne first started blogging on Highly Allochthonous, I introduced her first post with the words: I let her post this on the condition that she not show me up by being clearly smarter and a better writer than I … Continue reading

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