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One year ago today: landfall on the Antarctic Peninsula proper, more penguins, and an avalanche!

23rd December, known by GeoKid “the day before Christmas Eve”, saw our first stop on the mainland of the Antarctic Peninsula and on nearby Cuverville Island. Both Anne and Chris got snowy hikes in that day, so our entry will … Continue reading

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One year ago today: first icebergs, first Antarctic landing, first penguins!

A fortunate consequence of a calmer Drake Passage is that our progress across it was quite speedy. When we woke on the morning of the southern hemisphere’s summer solstice, we had nothing but steel blue seas and seabirds for company. … Continue reading

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One year ago today: crossing the Drake Passage

Even starting off as far south as Ushuaia, it’s a long way to Antarctica – almost 1000 km of open water. We got a peek at the chart below whilst touring the bridge of the Corinthian – they have computer … Continue reading

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One year ago today: our Antarctic voyage begins

You may recall that last Christmas, your intrepid bloggers managed to find ourselves on the trip of a lifetime to the Antarctic. We’re pretty sure that Geokid was Santa’s most southerly delivery on Christmas Eve. We have posted the odd … Continue reading

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Come research with us!

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a university professor with an active research program must be in want of grad students. MS and PhD students are generally the people who actually do all of the interesting science that we never … Continue reading

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