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A post by Chris RowanA post by Anne JeffersonWe interrupt our regularly scheduled link-fest for a brief celebration of how much the geoblogosphere – and our readers – rock.

At the end of Earth Science week, we can only look in awe at the generosity and commitment of our colleagues and readers to funding earth science education through DonorsChoose. As a glance to our sidebar shows, donations to our own giving page have exceeded $800, and have already helped to fund 6 projects, giving students in cash-strapped schools the chance to build quake-proof models, measure water quality, and much more.

In addition to our own challenge, the Ocean & Geobloggers collective also includes:

Collectively we’ve raised almost $3000 since Monday. We basically rule the Science Bloggers for Students leaderboard right now, demonstrating – as if it needed proving – how much more awesome we are than any other science. To those who have already donated – thank you so much.

We now return to our regularly scheduled highlighting of things worth reading on the internet this week.

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