Bringing the stream to the people

With the help of four students and my daughter, we brought out the Emriver stream table and a groundwater model to teach hundreds of folks about urban hydrology, stormwater management, fluvial geomorphology, and groundwater pollution. Our booth was one of dozens on the UNCC campus for 3 hours on Sunday afternoon April 29. I’d guess that well over 1000 people visited the expo. This event was part of the NC Science Festival and was a huge success. I hope this becomes an annual event for UNCC.

If you click through to the Flickr set, you can read slightly more informative captions about each picture.

Categories: by Anne, geomorphology, public science

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  1. Steve Gough says:

    Wow, thanks for posting! So nice to see our river models used for public outreach; that’s a big part of our mission 🙂