Scenic Halloween Saturday

A post by Chris RowanAs the leaves turn and colder nights draw in, let us journey to a mysterious country that holds an even more mysterious glowing orange pit. Halloween is upon us, so could we be looking on a newly-opened gateway to the demonic realms? Well no, but I doubt that I need to tell you that.

An spooky orange glow lights an.... orange landscape?!

Your more prosaic geological instincts might point out a superficial resemblence to some kind of volcanic vent, and they’d be right – especially about the superficial part. Behold the volcanic pumpkin!

An erupting pumpkin.

You can too get bifurcating lava flows.

I was also running an experiment in how much pumpkin you could carve away before it collapsed.

Yes, this is my attempt to give our doorstep this weekend a somewhat geological flavour. I must confess that I find it rather puzzling that a country that wrings its hands over the demonic influences in Harry Potter* throws itself so enthusiastically into this stuff – I’ve been walking past gardens decorated with pumpkins, skeletons, and gravestones for at least the past week. But I have been getting into the spirit of the thing by trying my unpracticed hand at pumpkin carving, and the caldera-like glow emanating from the top of my first effort, pictured below, gave me the idea.

A more standard effort.

I was considering something considerably more nerdy for the Accretionary Wedge geo-pumpkin challenge, but the magma pumpkin generates a faint air of menance that is possibly more in the spirit of the season.

*which, if you ask me, not so much misses the point as misses the solar system.

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Comments (2)

  1. motsfo says:

    Absolutely Cool!
    i’d try it but i’m allergic to pumpkin.
    ps… wait a couple of years; Erik will be swishing pumpkin guts too.

  2. Vadrosaul says:

    I wonder if any lava windows do form shapes of things that people can recognize? (akin to that sea cave where the entrance looks like the shape of Australia)