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A post by Anne JeffersonIt’s Earth Science Week. I hope you all are busy spreading the fun and science of the Earth this week. Chris is in the lab dungeon collecting paleomagnetic data and I’m alternately in proposal purgatory and grading jail (i.e., the middle of the semester).

But there’s good stuff going on and more good stuff coming.

First, Bora Zivkovic has just posted an interview with me about my interests and approach to on-line science communication and experience at the ScienceOnline 2010 conference. I also wax lyrical about my research. Two bonus points to the first person who correctly identifies the location of the picture included with the post.

Second, our DonorsChoose Challenge has gotten off to a strong start. In honor of Earth Science week and recognizing the value of reading and making maps for earth scientists of all stripes, I think it would be great to make two mapping projects a reality this week. Colorado students want a GPS unit to help with their geologic mapping project. Students in Oregon need help making the translations between 2D topographic maps and the 3D Cascades Mountains and their teacher has identified some resources to help them.

Third, This Friday is Blog Action Day and the theme this year is water. The event includes thousands of blogs and they’re looking for as many blogs to participate as possible, regardless of their size and focus. Learn more at http://blogactionday.change.org/. Personally, I’ll have a post about the connections between flooding, climate, and population growth.

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  1. Deborah says:

    Hi Anne,
    I just wanted to mention that NCED is busy spreading the fun and science this week by hosting a science happy hour tonight, Oct. 13. Chris Paola will be talking about “Something from nothing: the mystery of landscape patterns.” In case anyone in Minnesota is interested, here are the details:

    5:30pm at the Red Stag Supper Club in Minneapolis. No cover.
    Come one, come all.

    Happy Earth science week!