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A post by Chris RowanBefore you check out the interesting bits of my Twitter stream for the last week, I highly recommend clicking through to the latest edition of the geology blogging carnival The Accretionary Wedge, hosted at Callan Bentley’s Mountain Beltway. The theme this month was ‘geological heroes’, and it’s a fascinating look at some of the people who have influenced your favourite geobloggers’ careers and scientific outlooks.


Interesting look at optical properties of ash erupted from Eyjafjallaj\u00f6kull from
Nice summary of Eyjafjallaj\u00f6kull eruption so far from BGS
Totally. Awesome. : Spectacular footage of bombs exiting the Icelandic crater at 100s of m elevation:
(via @callanbentley)
Glacio-volcanic expert John Stevenson continues to provide some great background on Eyjafjallajokull eruption #ash
Nice! Great plots of #ash plume last week from Man Uni LIDAR
(via @dr_andy_russell, @alomshaha)
What causes the volcanic lightning in the Eyjafjallaj\u00f6kull #ashcloud?
The scourge of jet engines everywhere: Eyjafjallajoekull ash at x20 magnification.
(via @sciencebase)
Scripps scientists reveal why Iceland’s volcanoes are seething with history:
(via @Explorations)
Wonderful video footage of Eyjafjallajokull’s explosive eruptions:
(via @kejames)
Volcanic Ash Gives Jet Engine a Turbocharge [before shredding and clogging them up, anyway…]
(via @RonsGeoPicks)
Awesome shot of lightning around Eyafallaj\u00f6kull eruption plume (h/t )


Pretty amazing new images of solar activity: [Video] This solar loop is 30 times the size of Earth!
(via @CPPGeophysics, @NASA)

General Geology

Embedded sensors to monitor landslide-prone areas
Project site with realtime data
V interesting movies of analogue deformation expts: gypsum+sugar->boudins, yoghurt+cherries->shear zones!
Mark Twain the geologist [Only loosely. But v interesting, all the same]
(via @RonsGeoPicks)
Ancient rock slide shifted the Continental Divide [only by 80m, but still – impressive]
(via @geology4u)
Braided Streams of Yore
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Arctic Sea Ice Extent, 2009-2010 Sept minimum 5.4 million sq km, bang between extreme 2007 low and 1979-2000 average.
Nice to see some actual figures: Carbon Capture and Storage increases energy costs by up to 25%
(via @TheOilDrum)
Interesting discussion of climatic forcing of landslides & other geohazards (via )
(via @NatureNews)
Special issue of Phil. Trans Roy. Soc. on issue
Feel free to doubt climate change: just don’t deny it [finally, a sensible analysis in MSM]
72 1/2 bath fulls of water to make just one pair of jeans. See how our water imports worsen global water shortage.
(via @suehutton)
Disturbing: Cerro de Pasco in Peru being devoured and poisoned by mine Look it up on Google Maps. Eye-opening.

Interesting miscellaney

Sir Paul Nurse calls for reform of science funding [stable, long term funding for the ‘best’?]
(via @TimesScience)
Nothing new under the sun: in 1954 ‘Climategate’ was ‘Tobaccogate’. Excellent piece by
It’s a microbial world – survey reveals oceans host vast diversity of (individually) rare species.
(via @NatureNews)

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