ScienceOnline 2010: geobloggers required

A post by Chris RowanRegistration is now open for ScienceOnline2010, the fourth annual science communicators conference, being held January 14-17 next year in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina.

Please join us for this free (but donations are accepted) three-day event to explore science on the Web. Our goal is to bring together scientists, physicians, patients, educators, students, publishers, editors, bloggers, journalists, writers, web developers, programmers and others to discuss, demonstrate and debate online strategies and tools for doing science, publishing science, teaching science, and promoting the public understanding of science.

I’ll be there, but that’s probably a rather dubious temptation; however, if you check out the numerous interesting discussion topics enshrined in the semi-finalised programme you’ll see that there is a session entitled ‘Earth Science, Web 2.0+, and Geospatial Applications’, being run by Jacqueline Floyd with back-up from yours truly. That’s right, a specialised session which doesn’t involve biology.
Hopefully this might tempt some of the rest of the geoblog/tweetosphere to attend as well. Even if you can’t attend, Jacqueline and I are keen to get as much participation from all of you as possible. Feel free to get in touch with any ideas you might have, but in a perfect world we’d have you all there participating – and if you’re physically there, I can buy you a beer. Places are vanishing fast, so don’t ponder too much: Register today!

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  1. BrianR says:

    I wish.
    It was difficult enough convincing the powers-that-be that me attending (and presenting) at GSA was worth my time. To attend this I’d have to take vacation days and, since I get so few, it simply won’t happen. 🙁
    But I look forward to hearing about it from all the rest that attend!