A big welcome to Kim

If you read this blog, you probably already read All Of My Faults are Stress-Related. Not only does Kim’s blog have the coolest name in the geoblogosphere, but Kim is a wonderful writer; which are two of the reasons why I’m really happy to see her making the move over to ScienceBlogs, where hopefully more people will be introduced to her thoughtful discussions of geology, teaching, and life. Go over right now and say hello.
The other reason I’m pleased about this is that it might mean that the Seed Overlords have finally realised that all the cool bloggers are, in fact, geobloggers. All the biomedical types around these parts should wake up and start realising that the future is hammer-shaped.

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Comments (2)

  1. Kim says:

    Also, squishy things generally lose to hammers. Though I don’t recommend using them against mosquitoes. Or fingers.
    (Thanks for the plug, Chris – and it’s great to be here with you and Maria.)

  2. Daniel J. Andrews says:

    Yeah, but squishy things are more likely to do you in than hammers. Biology ‘rocks’. 🙂