A (hopefully) brief pause

Sorry for the sparse posting over the past few days – I’m about to depart on a trip back to my homeland, and because it’s not just a holiday this time – I’m doing some lab work – I had some preparatory work to get through. Cutting lots of rock samples down into teeny tiny cubes so they’ll fit in the machine I’m going to be using was a little bit fiddly and time-consuming, as it turned out.
Once I’ve set up back in the UK, I shall return with geopuzzly answers and other rambling. Stay tuned.

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Comments (3)

  1. Jez Rowan says:

    That’s right punk you better be heading home.
    My ego needs 24 hour massaging and it seems you just can’t get the people these days…
    Even the chief examiner copped out by referring to me as “Jeremy M”

  2. Jez Rowan says:

    If you’re reading this at home using my internet connection I think now would be a good time to bring up the £2.50/min surcharge I have now implemented on all WiFi access in the house.
    Happy surfing!

  3. eddie says:

    It’s a fossil cliff hanger, genus cragappendius.