I walked into work today under a beautiful, cloudless, sky – until I looked in the direction of the UJ campus, where an ugly black cloud was accumulating in the direction of the building that houses the Geology department. It was only when I got much closer that it became clear (to my relief) that the fire was some way beyond the campus grounds, and it wasn’t the result of an overheating mass spectrometer or something. Here’s a picture from the roof of our building:


The fire seemed to have died down a bit by the time I took this photo, because the thickest cloud had already drifted over us in the direction of the city centre.



There’s nothing on the news about this yet, but one of my colleagues reckons that it might be a substation that has caught fire before (apparently Eskom’s maintentance philosophy is something along the lines of ‘leave it until something explodes’). Hopefully, no-one has been hurt.
For some reason, I’m thinking that today is a good day to back up my data.

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  1. Fritha says:

    Sorry to ruin your (well founded) cynicism in Eskom, but a mattress factory in Industria had a major fire this morning.,,2-7-1442_2345920,00.html
    Judging from the report it’s a good chance that this is what you saw.

  2. Silver Fox says:

    Nice pics of the fire – smoke, anyway. It sounds like no one was hurt, and that’s a good thing.

  3. ScienceWoman says:

    well, you inspired me to back up my data too.

  4. Katrina says:

    Looks like a typical morning in Naples, Italy to me. What with all the trash burning you see here.