Gone drillin’ (redux) and an open thread

Yes, after a stupidly short turn around time I am once more off into the field, this time for three weeks in Namibia. The target this time is the Proterozoic-Cambrian boundary, with a possible side-visit to a Snowball Earth cap carbonate. I’m afraid that I haven’t had the time to schedule any reposts from ye olde blog, but I will post updates from the field if the chance presents itself. The geoblogospheric feed should hopefully keep alerting you to interesting things being written elsewhere.
In the meantime – consider this an open thread. Say hi. Stroke my ego by telling me what I’m doing right. Put me in my place by explaining what I could do better. Take me to task for giving my blog such a stupid name. Whatever.
See you in three weeks!

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  1. Bob O'H says:

    Leaving threads open like this can be dangerous.

  2. Propter Doc says:

    I would Bob, but I don’t know how to play…!
    Hello Chris! I like your blog, particularly your field trip tales. Dr R is very interested in earth sciences so he likes reading too.
    I hope your field trip works out.

  3. Chris says:

    Hey, I like your title! Then again, I’m an ecologist, so I have a soft spot for critters what feed on productivity washed in from outside their little world 🙂

  4. Vibrato says:

    Oregon schools cited as earthquake risk
    Following the theme here of geological disasters, here is a report: http://www.ktvz.com/Global/story.asp?S=6558649
    Oregon has a seismic hazard that is high, but just beyond living memory. Lots of poorly-built schools. So, when the odds finally catch up with them, it won’t be pretty.

  5. Vibrato says:

    Details appear on Major Mud Muck-up
    “JAKARTA: A massive concrete dam 15 storeys high would be built around Indonesia?s disastrous ?mud volcano? under the latest proposal to stop toxic sludge spewing from its core, a report said yesterday.”
    I would sure like to see them build this, with the mud oozing all around them! As well, more details emerge that they drilled the thing without a casing or blowout valves.

  6. Eamon Knight says:

    Leaving threads open like this can be dangerous.

    Can Canadians of British (well, Yorkshire) descent play? Bear with me, as I haven’t been back to Old Blighty for over 30 years.
    Is it legal to open with something obvious like: Trafalgar Square? (Or is it disqualified by being currently covered in turf?)

  7. vibrato says:

    If you want to contaminate his site, do it with something!
    Here’s some news:
    Canadians smarter than those working in Africa, have dated actually 3.5 by fossils, rather than mucking around with pillow basalts.

  8. Lab Lemming says:

    Who are you going with? If you find any bentonites and you need them dated, let me know. We’re trying to tie down all the diachroneity between the Sturtian and the P/C boundary.

  9. Harold Asmis says:

    Earth Flatulence
    The earthquake passed gas in New Hampshire. Crews are digging through the muck to relieve pressure.

  10. The Mustard says:

    The field is surely the best place to be with England’s impending doom in the RWC. 4 years probably seems an extremely long time ago, even for a geologist. Alex