My job as an urban hydrologist, only using the 1000 most common English words

Thanks to an incredible text editor and inspiration from the creator of XKCD, here’s how I summed up what I do, using only the 1000 most common words in the English language:

I study how water moves in cities and other places. Water is under the ground and on top of it, and when we build things we change where it can go and how fast it gets there. This can lead to problems like wet and broken roads and houses. Our roads, houses, and animals, can also add bad things to the water. My job is to figure out what we have done to the water and how to help make it better. I also help people learn how to care about water and land. This might seem like a sad job, because often the water is very bad and we are not going to make things perfect, but I like knowing that I’m helping make things better.

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