Alea Tuttle describes her job in environmental restoration

Watershed Hydrology Lab alumna Alea Tuttle, who earned a MS in Earth Sciences with me at UNC Charlotte in Spring 2012, has described her job in environmental restoration using only the 1000 most common words in the English language. Here’s an excerpt:

Part 1: How we make money by making wet places better

When people want to build things on top of wet places, or when they do bad things to wet places they are supposed to tell a group of people that watch out for the wet places. They figure out how much of the wet place that they did bad things to, which then gets turned into a number that people use to figure out how much money the people who build things have to give away. Then the people who look out for the wet places give the money to us to help other wet places that need help getting better. When we find a wet place that needs help, we use their money to buy the wet place and make it so that nobody can do bad things to it anymore and also to help the fix the wet place to make it better. Also we use some of the money to buy food and other things that we need and want while we are helping the wet places.

Check out her post at Highly Allochthonous.

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