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Fracking great science from the British Geological Survey

Fracking is rightly a major political issue. In Britain this is topical as the government has just released a technical report showing that very large volumes of natural gas are locked into rocks beneath northern England. As a tax-payer whose … Continue reading

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Dalradian – a Celtic Supergroup

Geology is such a great thing to study because it involves making so many connections through time and space, switching scales from the cosmic to the atomic. This means that challenge for this series of posts about the geology of … Continue reading

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Mantle support of topography – a swell idea

Why are some bits of the earth higher than others? Finding mountains near plate boundaries is easy to explain – various forms of plate collision cause the crust to thicken and the surface to rise. What about Southern Africa? Reaching … Continue reading

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Charnwood forest – misty traces of ancient landscapes

Precambrian rocks are fairly uncommon in England so I jumped at the chance to visit some with the friendly folk of Reading Geological Society. They were found in Charnwood Forest. The pattern of rocks in England and Wales is broadly … Continue reading

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