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A bit of Scotland in an English playground

There is a park near my home that my children like. As is the way of things, this means I stand around it a lot, ready to rub bruised knees or produce biscuits or push ‘faster!’, but otherwise redundant. My … Continue reading

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Mantle support of topography – a swell idea

Why are some bits of the earth higher than others? Finding mountains near plate boundaries is easy to explain – various forms of plate collision cause the crust to thicken and the surface to rise. What about Southern Africa? Reaching … Continue reading

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The biggest pile of sand the world has ever seen

The Moine, a set of sedimentary rocks found in furthest north-west Scotland have enjoyed at least three cycles of metamorphism and deformation. My only sample from here is a migmatitic gneiss, so when I heard about people studying sedimentology in … Continue reading

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Metamorphism: grade, zones, index minerals, and whisky

This post is second in a series of posts about metamorphism. Metamorphic grade, zones and index minerals Science is based on a solid understanding of underlying physical principles. Although I have chickened-out of the detail, everything I mention in the … Continue reading

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