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A refolded fold from Scotland

Standing on the shores of Loch nan Uamh I was feeling distracted. There was a lot to attend to. Behind me was a flat strip of grass, growing on a beach deposit now left high and dry by the crust’s … Continue reading

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The many metamorphoses of the Moine

In a companion postĀ I introduced you to a metamorphic rock with an apparently simple history. Using traditional geological techniques on thisĀ single outcrop can’t reveal the full history of the area, so this post will attempt summarise the latest research. In … Continue reading

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The deceptive simplicity of a metamorphic rock

I’d like to introduce you to a rock. Pretty isn’t it? The white crystals caught my eye, as they did that of three different geologists of the British Geological Survey, who between them collected 5 different samples from the same … Continue reading

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A new paradigm for Barrovian metamorphism?

The phrase ‘new paradigm’ is a little shop-worn but it still catches the eye. To see it used in a “discussion and reply” on a dry-looking metamorphic petrology paper is really something unusual. Tracing through these articles really shows how … Continue reading

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