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Geology and life in the English ‘Coal Measures’

The geology of the North of England is where our modern industrial civilisation was born, based on the burning of fossil life. I’ve wanted to write about the fascinating geology I grew up with for a while. I’ve been spurred into … Continue reading

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Hot rocks, big rivers and the world’s tallest mountain face

In areas of active mountain-building the middle crust can get hot and weak, like a soft jam/jelly filling in a sandwich.  These squishy rocks are hidden from us by the cold rigid upper crust, so we wouldn’t expect to see … Continue reading

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Sources of open access scientific papers

We are all used to open access to information on the Internet, but when it comes to scientific papers, for most people a barrier comes down. However it is possible to find publicly accessible copies of scientific papers available right now. I’m … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Copyright, blogging and scientific papers

Is it legitimate to reproduce diagrams from scientific papers in a blog post? Curious, I asked the question of Twitter. It returned two distinct responses. One response, from a pair of scientists and highly respected and active bloggers was (to … Continue reading

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