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The Himalaya: mountains made from mountains

Good building stones get reused. Sometimes the only traces of very old buildings are their stones, built into more modern ones. It’s the same with rocks and mountain belts. Stone that now forms parts of the Himalaya was once part … Continue reading

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Seasonal flow of geological learning

‘Big data’ is the idea that the Internet provides organisations with an unprecedented amount of data that deserves new forms of analysis. The more general idea that sophisticated analysis of big data sets is important is quite topical, just ask … Continue reading

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How old is plate tectonics?

Plate tectonics is the process that underpins much of our understanding of the Earth. It explains manymany aspects of the Earth, from magnetic patterns in oceanic rocks to the distribution of plants and animals. How unusual is it? Well, it … Continue reading

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Cycling in the Pennines – 300 million years ago

The north of England is dominated by rocks of Carboniferous age, which give it a distinctive scenery and history, where local coal fuelled the world’s first industrial landscape. The geology is extremely well known, because of the importance of the coal … Continue reading

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