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Winds of change

There’s a fabulous new site that shows wind patterns – it gives you a whole new perspective on the globe. One of the most striking things is the regular patterns across the oceans. Until quite recently long-distance travel was dependent on … Continue reading

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Height, speed and distance: the view above my back garden

I’ve bought a deck chair this Summer and it’s got me thinking. As I’ve sat in it – enjoying some peace until the moment when my children and ‘playing nicely together’ abruptly part company – I’ve been looking at the sky and … Continue reading

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UPDATED: Copyright, blogging and scientific papers

Is it legitimate to reproduce diagrams from scientific papers in a blog post? Curious, I asked the question of Twitter. It returned two distinct responses. One response, from a pair of scientists and highly respected and active bloggers was (to … Continue reading

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Inside the mind of a singer

So here I am in the middle of the tenor section singing my heart out. What am I looking at? Well, there is the music. My eyes are never far from the copy I’m holding and I’m managing to keep … Continue reading

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