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Sherlock Holmes and the case of the detrital zircon

The October copy of the journal Geology contains a paper that made me think of Sherlock Holmes. That doesn’t happen very often.¬†One of the fictional detective’s many skills was the ability to get important insights from the sediment found on … Continue reading

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The Geology of Mount Everest

Growing up, I was mildly obsessed with Mount Everest. Even now I marvel at its wonderful geology. Looking at that, who can blame me? My youthful obsession was fuelled by books of British expeditions in the 1970s climbing it by … Continue reading

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Channel flow – hot rocks, big glaciers and the world’s tallest mountains

Leonardo da Vinci, famed artist and Renaissance “Renaissance Man” made some interesting remarks about Geology. When he looked at rocks in the Alps containing fossil molluscs, it was clear to his trained eye that the fossils were near identical to … Continue reading

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Hot rocks, big rivers and the world’s tallest mountain face

In areas of active mountain-building the middle crust can get hot and weak, like a soft jam/jelly filling in a sandwich. ¬†These squishy rocks are hidden from us by the cold rigid upper crust, so we wouldn’t expect to see … Continue reading

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