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Cornwall: tin, pasties and the world

The county of Cornwall is like England’s foot, stretching out languorously into the warm waters of the Gulf Stream. Now a relatively poor area, best known for fishing and tourism, it has a proud industrial past based on mining, notably of tin. … Continue reading

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Mexican silver in Tudor England

Geology and history have much in common. Both seek to understand the past by objective analysis of the traces it has left in the present. Both arose from the application of hand and mind to the study of particular things … Continue reading

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Ludchurch – sandstone, landslips and a beheading game

The ‘Dark Peak’, the land to the south and east of Macclesfield rising up above the Cheshire plain, is a wild place. We are in England though, and even here in the North, things are only mildly wild. This is … Continue reading

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Orford Ness – nuclear bombs and gravel ridges

Suffolk in England is a peaceful part of a peaceful country. But if you know where to look, between its pretty villages, sandy beaches and open countryside there are many traces of war and violence. Often full of paddling children, … Continue reading

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