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AW#50 – fieldwork is thirsty work

Evelyn over at Georneys is hosting this months Accretionary Wedge. Where she asks us to: Share a fun moment from geology field camp or a geology field trip. You can share a story, a picture, a song, a slogan, a page from … Continue reading

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What came from outer space

I admit it. I’m geocentric. Not in the old-fashioned sense, I’m not that eccentric. I don’t believe the earth is the physical centre of the universe, but it certainly feels that way. The universe, space, the wonders of the solar … Continue reading

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Geological pilgrimage – Assynt, Scotland

In Accretionary Wege #45 Denise Tang asked for “Geological Pilgrimage – the sacred geological place that you must visit at least once in your lifetime “. For me, and dare I say it for any British educated hard-rock geologist the … Continue reading

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Accretionary Wedge #44 – “most important teacher”

Teaching is not just about imparting knowledge. To quote Elli Goeke, an important teacher is a “person has influenced not just my knowledge of a particular subject, but has also changed how I address research or teaching or just life … Continue reading

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