Where on Google Earth #416

I happened to recognise Brian’s picture of a section of the Richat Structure in Mauritania straight away, so here I am hosting this excellent geological competition.

Woge 416

Where on earth is this place? To find out, get to Google Earth and get searching. Brian talked about how recent WoGEs have been found quickly, so I’ve zoomed down quite a lot.

As always, the goal here is to name the location and describe the geology. The winner gets to host the next WoGE. See complete rules here, hosted by Felix on his blog. I do not invoke the Schott rule. Get looking!

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  1. Simon, is there anything else you are looking for, beside the geomorphical fact, that we are looking at a Endorheic Lake?

  2. 33.5387°, 84.5572° ‘Cemar Co’, a Endorheic Lake in central Tibet. I did find nothing else about this specific place. One could write something about the geology of Tibet and the crustal thickening of the indian plate crushing into the Euro-Asian plate. But this is the big picture of the whole area. I thought about the huge crack in the lake which is around 50m wide. But there are no major faults nor did I find earthquakes in the area, so I think the crack resulted from wind and warmer temperatures.

  3. Metageologist says:

    Congratulations Felix, over to you.

  4. I’m going to publish the next Woge Monday evening european time.

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