Past and future: eclogite and the moon

Be warned, this is sort of an elaborate test page. My last two posts weren’t appearing in my rss feed due to an obscure technical problem (hint use if you get odd rss problems). I know a lot of you find out about my posts this way, so I wanted to give you a non-Twitter way to do so.

The most recent post was about a nice day out I had in Charnwood forest, with cleavage and Proterozoic volcanic sediments and the like.

Before that was I post I’m especially pleased with, on Alpine eclogites. It gets quite detailed, but the geology is fascinating and the hard facts are helped down by some gorgeous pictures, courtesy of a friendly researcher.

ZS Unit Aosta valley, glaucophane bearing eclogite (scanned thin section 50x30mm) showing that glaucophane may be stable under eclogite facies, together with omphcite + grt _ rutile

What of the future I refer to in my slightly-link-baiting title? Well, today I attended a fascinating conference in London, based around links between the intellectual worlds of Earth and Space sciences and in particular how the Moon is a bridge between them. I can feel more than one post welling up inside me, so watch this space!

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    Ordovician meteor event – Wikipedia, the free …

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