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It took a while to get Matthew’s WoGE 323. He put up a view of some sort of volcanic feature and highlighted that there was a vineyard in the area. I’d spent some time in Germany, France and New Zealand before swinging over to California. With the Google Maps volcano layer on it didn’t take long to zoom into the right area.

So, on with the game! Rules are best expressed here, but in summary, look at the entire Earth’s surface until you find the area shown in this picture. Then find out about its Geology. Then add the location and Geological description in the comments.

Here it is. North is straight up, in the usual fashion. Bonus points* to anyone who can link the area to Johnny Depp.

*Bonus points have no monetary value. They can’t be exchanged for any good or services at all.


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  1. 19.6198°S, 65.7488°W
    Cerro Rico de Potosi, Bolivia, is the world’s largest silver deposit and has been mined since the sixteenth century for silver, tin and zinc with by-product copper an lead. The deposit consists primarily of veins that cut an altered igneous body (thought to be a dacitic volcanic dome). The deposit is compositionally and thermally zonded, having a core of cassiterite, wolframite, bismuthinite and arsenopyrite surrounded by peripheral lower-temperature mineral assemblage consisting principallyof spalerite, galena, lead sulfosalt and silver minerals. The dome was extruded at 13.8 Ma. Cerro Rico has produced an estimated 30.000 to 60.000 tonnes of silver and it is estimated that at least that much silver still remains.
    (quoted from this )

  2. Metageologist says:

    Congratulations Felix!
    I’ve nothing to add to your geological descriptions. The historical impact of all the Spanish silver flowing into Europe from mines like this is very interesting, both in terms of economic impact and as a trigger for further European imperialism. The culture of pirates in the Caribbean started with English attacks on Spanish treasure ships, basically stealing the gold and silver mined in south America. Via the recent films about pirates in the Caribbean, this is the link to johnny depp

  3. @Simon: very good theme for a WoGE. Interesting geological topic with a nice historical story on top of it.

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