What’s on our calendar? Conferences of interest.

We’re tantalized by many upcoming opportunities to talk science with other folks interested in hydrology, geomorphology, and human-impacted systems.

A little farther out, there are two definite meetings on the lab calendar.

  • The British Hydrological Society is meeting at the University of Birmingham, UK on 2nd-4th September. The theme of the meeting is “Challenging Hydrological Theory and Practice.” Anne will be giving a talk on urban stormwater/stream systems, and is very much looking forward to seeing collaborators Grace Garner, David Hannah, Naomi Tague, Sara McMillan and more.
  • The Geological Society of America meeting is 19th-22nd October in Vancouver, BC. I think as many group members as possible are angling to go to this meeting. Anne will be co-leading a short course on using laser-based isotope technology in undergraduate classes and research.

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