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AGU 2011 abstract: Understanding channel network extent in the North Carolina Piedmont in the context of legacy land use, flow generation processes, and landscape dissection

The following talk will be presented by Anne at the 2011 AGU fall meeting on Wednesday, December 7th from 9 to 9:15 am in the session “EP31G. Predictive Understanding of Coupled Interactions Among Water, Life, and Landforms II.” It will be in rooms 2022-2024, and the abstract acceptance said something …

Ralph McGee and Cameron Moore will graduate next week!

Major congratulations to two Watershed Hydrogeology Lab graduate students who have finished writing their MS theses and will defend them next week. Ralph McGee and Cameron Moore both started in our MS in Earth Science program in August 2009, and less than two years later they have each completed impressive …

Is Anne a hydrologist? geomorphologist? hydrophillic geologist? or whathaveyou?

The major theme of my research is analyzing how geologic, topographic, and land use variability controls hydrologic response, climate sensitivity, and geomorphic evolution of watersheds, by partitioning water between surface and ground water. The goal of my research is to improve reach- to landscape-scale prediction of hydrologic and geomorphic response to human activities and climate change.

GSA Abstract: Hydrogeomorphic controls on the expression of stream water in less than 1 km2 Piedmont watersheds

The Watershed Hydrogeology lab abstract for the Northeastern/Southeastern Geological Society of America Meeting in Baltimore, March 14-16, 2010. I’ll be giving a talk at 8:45 am on Monday, March 15th in session T24. Hydrogeology of Wetlands and Watershed Processes. It’s also looking like all of the other co-authors will be …