Anne Jefferson grew up on the Mississippi River in southeastern Minnesota and spent summers on Lake Superior. These two places imbued her with a love of water and the dynamic way it shapes landscapes. Anne completed her undergraduate degree at Johns Hopkins University, an MS in Water Resources Science from the University of Minnesota, and a PhD in Geology from Oregon State University. Anne moved to Kent State University from UNC Charlotte, where she was on the faculty from 2007-2012. You can read more about Anne’s background in her CV and you can learn more about her research and teaching by browsing this site. Contact Anne.

Post-doctoral Scholar

I’m looking for a post-doc interested in hydrologic modeling of urban watersheds and exploring questions related to green infrastructure and climate change. For details, see the ad.


Students interested in pursuing a M.S. or Ph.D in Applied Geology starting in fall 2016 who have research interests in urban hydrology, groundwater-stream interactions, or watershed hydrology should peruse this site and the Department of Geology web pages, then please contact Anne for more information. Please also see this ad for a specific student project for which I am recruiting.

Stuart BakerStuart Baker is an M.S. student in Geology at Kent State University. Stuart’s thesis focuses on understanding the evolution of hyporheic exchange and nutrient uptake in restored streams. His work is supported by a grant from the USGS, through the Ohio Water Resources Center. Originally from Washington state, Stuart’s undergraduate degree is from Montana State University.


Krista BrownKrista Brown is an M.S. student in Geology at Kent State University. Krista’s thesis focuses on groundwater-stream interactions in a post-dam removal environment. Krista’s undergraduate degree is from Kent State University in Conservation Biology.






Kimm JardenKimberly Jarden is an M.S. student in Geology at Kent State University. Kimm’s thesis focuses on assessing impacts of green infrastructure at the watershed scale for suburban streets in Parma, Ohio. Her work is supported by Cleveland Metroparks and the US EPA. An Ohio native, Kimm’s undergraduate degree is from the University of Akron. In her free time, Kimm likes to run and ski.



Allison ReynoldsAllison Reynolds is pursuing her B.S. in Geology. She has an interest in contaminant hydrology, plans to attend graduate school and eventually wants to work for a company that allows her to live or work around the world as a consultant. She will be applying to graduate schools in Fall 2014, and she is deciding if she will focus on surface water or groundwater contaminantion. Allison runs the isotope lab and is doing independent research on isotopic variability of precipitation in the eastern Great Lakes Region.

Laura Sugano will be joining the Watershed Hydrology lab as a M.S. student in fall 2015. She comes to us from Illinois State University.


Darren Reilly is the Watershed Hydrology lab alum at Kent State University. Darren completed his M.S. in Geology in April 2014, co-supervised by Anne Jefferson and David Singer. Darren’s thesis research focused on sources of groundwater contamination for residential wells in northeastern Pennsylvania. He currently works for Eclipse Resources in State College, Pennsylvania.

Sean Robertson was an undergraduate Geology major at Kent State University who contributed to field and laboratory activities in 2014. He is now a hydrogeologist at Eagon and Associates in Columbus, Ohio.

Sidney Bush joined the watershed hydrology lab as an ecology REU student for the summer of 2014. After finishing her undergraduate degree in Environmental Science at the University of Virginia, she’ll be heading to the University of Colorado to begin a MS degree in Fall 2015.

Anne had six students complete M.S. degrees at UNC Charlotte.

  • J. Brock Freyer completed his M.S. degree in Earth Sciences in spring 2013, and he works for Three Parameters Plus in Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Mackenzie Osypian completed her M.S. degree in Civil Engineering in spring 2013, and she works for Hart and Hickman in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Alea Tuttle completed her degree M.S. degree in Earth Sciences in summer 2012, and she now works for Wildlands Engineering in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Brandon Blue completed his M.S. degree in Earth Sciences in summer 2012 and he now works for PortMiami in Miami, Florida.
  • Ralph McGee completed his M.S. degree in Earth Sciences in spring 2011, and he works for Hart and Hickman in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Cameron Moore completed his M.S. degree in Earth Sciences in spring 2011, he works for Apex Environmental in Mooresville, NC.