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Scenic Saturday: White Island before the spiny lava invasion

Last week, Erik drew my attention to this odd spiny lava dome spotted on New Zealand’s White Island. It is rather strikingly weird, like the country that brought us the Lord of the Rings had decided to now bring us … Continue reading

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Two more earthquakes shake Christchurch

Just as it seemed that seismic activity was finally dying down in Christchurch, the city has been shaken by two more earthquakes. The USGS currently has the first shock pegged as a magnitude 5.8, and the second as a magnitude … Continue reading

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More large aftershocks rattle Christchurch: will it ever end?

Analysis of the ongoing earthquake sequence. Continue reading

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Aftershocks, triggered earthquakes, and Christchurch’s seismic future

As more scientific information becomes available regarding last week’s magnitude 6.3 earthquake in Christchurch, we can look a bit more closely at the nature of this earthquake, how it fits into the overall tectonic picture in New Zealand, and future … Continue reading

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Shaking in Christchurch boosted by seismic lensing?

Even taking into account how close the rupture point of Tuesday’s earthquake was to Christchurch, the intensity of the shaking – and the amount of damage that the city suffered as a consequence – seems to be very high for … Continue reading

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