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12 Months of Highly Allochthonous

While one year is but a proverbial blink of the eye to those who think in geologic time, we’re still indulging in some year end reflections and looking back on our posts from 2010. On the off chance you want … Continue reading

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The dawn of Scientopia and the evolving science blogging ecosystem

Whilst I was rock hunting in a region where whisky is far more readily available than wifi, the rapid reorganisation of the science blogosphere has continued with the unveiling of a shiny new blog collective: Scientopia. Largely the brainchild of … Continue reading

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Geoblogospheric community. What is it good for?

I see ways that we can expand what we are doing, to make our community bolder, more inclusive, and more outwardly focused. Building that sort of community allows us not just to provide camaraderie and support for one another, but also to act as agents of change beyond the borders of the internet. Continue reading

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The geoblogosphere: what I’d like to build next

How do we build a stronger, more diverse, more visible geoblogosphere?
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