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A year of Anne’s reading…reporting from 2 months in

A reverse chronological order listing of my 2015 adventures in academic reading. Continue reading

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Anne’s stream of adventures in 2010

When you are a hydrologist, all the world is your watershed. Continue reading

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Chris’s travels in 2010

It’s travel meme time! Following the example Silver Fox, Garry Hayes, Callan Bentley and Jess Ball, here’s a summary of my travels this year. If nothing else, it’s a good chance to (re)post pretty photos. In January, a trip to … Continue reading

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12 Months of Highly Allochthonous

While one year is but a proverbial blink of the eye to those who think in geologic time, we’re still indulging in some year end reflections and looking back on our posts from 2010. On the off chance you want … Continue reading

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