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Scenic Sunday: a hike across Hawaiian lava

Fortunately, the schedule for my recent trip to the Big Island of Hawaii included a couple of days of field excursions – I think the conference organisers realised that they would happen regardless, so they decided to make them official … Continue reading

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Anne’s picks of the literature: river and floodplain sediments

These four papers all attempt to understand what controls the sediments that make up the streambed and floodplain and that get preserved in the geologic record. White et al. look at how riffle positions are governed by valley width variations, while Jerolmack and Brzinski find striking similarities in grain size transitions observed in rivers and dune fields. Hart et al. examine the relationship between glacial advances and downstream sediment deposition, while Sambrook Smith et al. investigate the sedimentological record of floods. Continue reading

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The Hydrology and Evolution of Basaltic Landscapes: Notes from GSA Sunday

My first day at the Geological Society of America conference included lots of beautiful volcano and river photos…and good wine. All in the name of basalt.
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Water in the sky, rocks underfoot, and a little stream to carry it all

The two isolated mountains in Crowders Mountain State Park (NC) have withstood 500 million years of erosion, will they survive a gray and drizzly day with a hydrologist?
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