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The case of the disappearing lake

High in the Oregon Cascades, there is a lake attracting quite a bit of attention this summer. That’s because it is disappearing. The disappearing lake, appropriately called Lost Lake, isn’t just disappearing because of the drought that Oregon has been … Continue reading

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Scenic Saturday: The Temple

Right now I have a graduate student working on a project to understand the effects of stream restoration in altering patterns of groundwater-stream exchange. She’s working in four stream reaches with varying restoration patterns and watershed land uses. In one … Continue reading

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Geology is destiny: globally mapping permeability by rock type

The first maps of the global distribution of the ease of subsurface water flow have been produced, and they are based on maps of rock type. Continue reading

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Using rock cubes to learn about hydrogeology

Dunking rocks in water – and doing some measurements and calculations – helps my students get a hands-on understanding of porosity. Continue reading

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Hydrogeology and geomorphology: Notes from GSA Monday and Tuesday

Some notes on the hydrogeology and geomorphology sessions and activities at the Geological Society of America meeting
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