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Terrane Accretion: the end of Chris’s postdoc odyssey

Almost six years ago, I left the lab in Southampton where I had studied for my PhD on a quest to stay in academia and get paid to do interesting science. Thus began a period of my life which can … Continue reading

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Stay broad! Why you should fight the intellectual narrows

For this month’s Accretionary wedge, my co-blogger Anne is asking us to mark the beginning of a new teaching year by pondering the nature of education in the geoscience. As a post-doc, I may not be in the best position … Continue reading

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Hydrologist + professor = Anne’s answers to career profile questions

A few weeks ago, I was asked to answer some questions for a career profile section of a website aimed at students looking at college degree options. The website creators wanted to use me as their profile of a hydrologist, … Continue reading

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