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Friday Focal Mechanisms: South Australian shaking keeps Chris guessing

A Friday focal mechanism…without a focal mechanism! Can the seismic past be the key to the present? Continue reading

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Flooding around the world

Based on information from The Flood Observatory and other news sources, here are some tidbits about on-going and recent flood events around the world. Every one of these floods is having significant local and regional impacts, even if they don’t … Continue reading

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Landslides and flooding in Brazil

While Australia continues to cope with widespread flooding in Queensland and elsewhere and the death toll continues to rise (at least 20 people), in Brazil landslides and flooding in the past week have claimed at least 700 lives. Yet international … Continue reading

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A flood is a disaster when people are in the way

At any given moment, somewhere in the world, there is a flood occurring. Most of the time, those floods don’t make the international news circuit. When they do, it is because there are people in harm’s way. But the intensity … Continue reading

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