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All the blogging from AGU

One thing I’ve been doing in free moments since the end of the AGU Fall Meeting is catching up on what cool science other geobloggers who attended the meeting had unearthed whilst wandering the poster hall and lecture halls. Below … Continue reading

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Thursday and Friday at AGU

Chris: So, we both managed to survive another AGU. Is your brain full now?   Anne: Yes, it hurts.   Chris: But you seem to have had a pretty good week. Two well-received invited talks, and every time I saw … Continue reading

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Wednesday at AGU

Chris: Wasn’t it the first of your two invited talks this morning? How did it go?   Anne: It went well. Even though I hadn’t managed to run through the presentation out loud beforehand, I hit the final slide with … Continue reading

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Tuesday at AGU

Anne: So, Chris – how did your poster session go?   Chris: It went pretty well. The two key things that you want from a poster session are that you spend more time talking to people than you do standing … Continue reading

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Monday at AGU

Chris: So how was your first day at AGU? You had a poster to present this morning, I think. Anne: It wasn’t really my first day, you know. Yesterday I was at the Berkeley Catchment Science Symposium which was filled … Continue reading

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