Monday dispatches from GSA: Vancouver

The arrival of the long-threatened rain did not dampen lots of cool science..

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Sunday dispatches from GSA: Vancouver

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Environmental Earth Science in the News Roundup #5

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Environmental Earth Science in the News Roundup #4

A week of earth system interactions, charismatic critters, and consequences of societal and inividual choices in this week’s news roundup.

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Listen to Chris talk about his life in science

A post by Chris RowanI was recently interviewed by Dr. Marie McNeely, host of the ‘People Behind the Science’ podcast – a show that lets scientists talk about their lives and experiences to provide a more rounded view of what scientists actually do in their day jobs, and outside of it. I had a great time talking about my life in science so far, and dispensing what meagre wisdom I’ve accumulated up to this point. Our discussion has now been posted, and I think it came out pretty well, mainly because Marie is a generous and articulate interviewer who managed to make me sound much more profound than I actually am.

1509033_765022133542692_8414235391211578448_nHead over for a listen, and you might want to think about checking out some of the other interviews, or subscribing to the podcast, while you’re there. 164 episodes and counting of interesting science and valuable perspectives on how to cope with the ups and downs of the scientific life, await you. Plus, anything that helps to establish scientists as fully-rounded human beings, rather than moustache-twirling villains or emotionless sociopaths, is worthy of support.

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