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A new blog at All-geo: Volcan01010

I’m very pleased to announce a new blog here at All-geo. Volcan01010 is written by volcanologist John Stevenson, a compatriot from my undergraduate days. You might recall his excellent posts during last years’ eruption of Eyjafjallajökull, which provided expert commentary … Continue reading

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New at Erratics: Bubbling up

Your friendly Highly Allochthonous bloggers have already treated you to unconformicakes and edible debris flows today; now, if you head over to Earth Science Erratics, new contributors Kathy Cashman and Alison Rust present a fascinating discussion of the role of … Continue reading

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Yellowstone: what lies beneath

The best evidence yet that the Yellowstone hotspot is the result of a mantle plume – one that had to burn through a subducting slab to get to the surface. Continue reading

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Yellowstone: where did all the ash go?

Another mark of eruptions at Yellowstone: thick layers of ash stretching across most of the continental US. Continue reading

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Geology on an epic scale: the Yellowstone caldera

To those with even a little geological knowledge, the view that presents itself as you drive into Yellowstone National Park through the South Entrance may not be quite what you expect. The park encompasses the giant caldera of a hotspot-fuelled … Continue reading

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