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Yellowstone: what lies beneath

The best evidence yet that the Yellowstone hotspot is the result of a mantle plume – one that had to burn through a subducting slab to get to the surface. Continue reading

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Yellowstone: where did all the ash go?

Another mark of eruptions at Yellowstone: thick layers of ash stretching across most of the continental US. Continue reading

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Geology on an epic scale: the Yellowstone caldera

To those with even a little geological knowledge, the view that presents itself as you drive into Yellowstone National Park through the South Entrance may not be quite what you expect. The park encompasses the giant caldera of a hotspot-fuelled … Continue reading

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Yellowstone it was

Give yourselves a pat on the back: virtually everyone guessed correctly that my fortnight away was chiefly spent exploring Yellowstone National Park, bookended by some time in Grand Teton National Park just next door. The first photo I showed you … Continue reading

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The intimate coupling of hydrologic and geomorphic evolution of basalt landscapes

In a new paper, I show that, on basalts, flowpaths, hydographs, and landscapes coevolve over a million years or more.
Continue reading

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