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Stuff we linked to on Twitter last week

I suppose it was only a matter of time before water-related linkage merited it’s own separate category…. Blogs in motion The great blog redistribution of 2010 continues: check out Abel, Zuska, and Bora’s new digs. In the geoblogosphere, Julia is … Continue reading

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I do spend most of my time in the office… just not at the moment

I seem to be attracting short-notice field trips at the moment. I’m off on a teaching trip to Barberton for a couple of weeks today – a fact that I wasn’t actually aware of until this weekend. It’s not that … Continue reading

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Still alive…

In case you were wondering. My little trip to Namibia has also involved cars breaking (I wasn’t driving, before you start making scurrilous accusations) and difficult drilling, as well as lots of cool geology. Some good photos too, by the … Continue reading

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